COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Green Lanterns # 45 (A Prisoner of Memory)

Trapped in her worst Traumatic memory by Singularity Jain, Jessica must relive an experience that she hoped to forget. Simon must attempt to pull his partner out without the aid of his Lantern ring. This may be the key to all of Jessica’s anxiety if they can find a way to survive.

Cover A
Cover B

Green Lanterns # 45
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Ronan Cliquet
Inker: uncredited
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist: Nelson Blake II and Hi-Fi
Variant Cover: Brandon Peterson
Editors: Mike Cotton Asst. Editor: Andrew Marino
Publisher: DC Comics
What You Need to Know:

Jessica has been trapped inside her memories of the past. Specifically in the traumatic memory that she had blocked out, where her friends were killed. Recently her therapist suggested that it may be time for Jessica to relive these events to help her cope with her anxiety and depression. The memory was strong enough to attract the attention of Singularity Jain on their first encounter, and Jain has sent Jessica through a Black Hole Vortex to relive the memory, while her sister Sara discovered that she was gone.


Simon shows up at the scene of Jessica’s apartment where there is a Black Hole swirling around in the sky above. He has Jain in tow. The Justice League attempt to interrogate her, but it is of little use. Even Wonder Woman’s Magic Lasso is no help. All seems hopeless until we see the appearance of the Mystical character John Constantine, who offers to lend a hand.


What You’ll Find Out:
Inside the memory, we start to uncover the scenes of Jessica and her friends on a Camping and Hunting Trip. She looks so well adjusted and confident in her actions in the way she is teaching her friend to hunt. It’s a version of her personality that we the readers are just not familiar with.


The team tracks a deer that Jessica has shot. They traverse across the forest, and Jessica points out the signs that the injured deer has been here. Until they come across something unexpected and frightening in the woods.

What Just Happened?
Simon, not one to desert his partner, decides to enter the memory with the help of John Constantine. The only issue is that he cannot take his ring with him so he will be entering without his powers. He is willing to take the risk, and John pushes him through the Vortex and into the Portal. In a world that smells like decay and ozone, Simon recognizes quickly that he is in familiar surroundings, as he uncovers the realm of Volthoom. The waifish once villain appears, and with his arm covered in a Green web-like substance, tells Baz that this is now Jessica Cruz’s realm.


Rating: 8/ 10
Final Thought:
I am a fan of any story that brings Jessica to the forefront, even if this was a slow build from that awful Bolphunga the Unrelenting storyline. Jain is a formidable villain and adept at the type of manipulation that can bring a Green Lantern to her knees. Looking forward to seeing how Jessica proves that she has the ability to overcome great Fear. It’s always a welcome sight when Constantine shows up, and a great way to incorporate the bond of these two partners, through the vulnerability of the loss of their powers. This story is a must-read for fans of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz!


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