COMIC BOOK PREVIEW: Zinnober #1 (Don’t Talk to Strangers)

The first issue of the new post-apocalyptic dragon series is out June 27th, Scout Comics was kind enough to send us a preview copy, what a start it is! Is this issue on your pull list? It’s sure on mine!

Zinnober 1A cover.jpg

Title: Zinnober #1
Writers: Thorston Bronchhaus and Ralf Singh
Pencils: Ralf Singh
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky Cerda
Colors: Ilaria Fella
Letters: Taylor Esosito
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: June 27th 2018

What You Need to Know:

Dragons have taken over the Earth, humanity now exists in two factions, (that we’ve seen so far) survivors, scraping a living off whatever the giant fire-breathing monsters have left them, and Dragon Cultists, who worship the beasts as gods!

For more info check out this interview with series creator Ralf Singh!


What You’ll Find Out:

We open on the ruins of London, the sound of a dog barking echoes through the once bustling metropolis. We pan up to the rooftops, a pair of survivors named Claire and James are watching the dog from the rooftop. James warns Claire against the obvious trap, someone is trying to lure a dragon, she ignores him and runs down to save the dog.


Suddenly the dog begins to growl, it’s former masters are standing right behind Claire, the apparent leader has a gun pointed at her head. He tells her if she’s so concerned for the dog, maybe she’d like to replace it. The leader calls one of his men, named Andrew, over to control the dog, he asks Claire if she’s gonna be the bait. She tells him as far as she’s concerned they’re all bait! Suddenly James sights something on the horizon they’ve caught the attention of something big!


The dragon swoops in on them with a thunderclap, the leader tells his men to shoot it and screams for them to grab the rocket launcher. The dragon begins to decimate his forces when one of the men fires a huge rocket launcher right into the beast’s head with a gigantic explosion! The battle pauses while everyone looks to see if the blast was successful, as the dust begins to settle a deafening roar shakes the onlookers, suddenly the completely unharmed dragon blasts out of the crowd with a legendary fury, destroying almost the entire force in one blast of fire!


Do Claire and James make it out alive, and most importantly, is the dog OK?! Preorder a copy for yourself and find out on June 27th!

What Just Happened?

Holy crap! This series is one of the things I’m most excited about this summer, and it did not disappoint in the least! The art and story are perfect for fans of giant monsters and post-apocalyptic thrillers. The premise is somewhat reminiscent of the film Reign of Fire, but by the end of the first issue, it’s already become so much more in terms of world building.

The characters we’ve met so far are decently varied and seem to make a good group. I like James as the gritty realist, and Claire is a fantastic counterpoint as an idealistic protector of the innocent.

The action scene or the men versus the dragon is a large part of the first issue, a huge highlight is the dragon, which is detailed and dynamic in every panel, but not at the sacrifice of detail and atmosphere in the background.

Rating: 9.5/10

Final Thoughts:

Zinnober is engaging, interesting, and a damn near perfect first issue. It may well even be worth a ten depending on how plot points resolve. I am already so excited for the second issue, I’m surprised there aren’t more books like this, already a great series! You can preorder by simply asking your friendly neighborhood LCS man to put it on your pull list or order it directly from Scout once it is on their website.


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