COMIC BOOK REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #706 “This Story Isn’t Over!” (The Death Of The Mighty Thor)

Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, has saved the gods of Asgard. To do so, she sacrificed her life and Mjolnir. What will the universe do, without Thor?

The Mighty Thor
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know: The Mangog was on the verge of killing Odin and the Odinson. To save the gods, Jane Foster took up the mantle of Thor one last time. Using Mjolnir to hurl the Mangog into the heart of the sun, the Mangog was defeated and the hammer destroyed. In doing so, Jane Foster has transformed from the Mighty Thor to Human once again and died.

What You’ll Find Out: Jane stands at the gates of Valhalla after having defeated the Mangog. None other than Odin approaches her and thanks her. Odin encourages Jane to enter the gates and receive her rewards. But Jane is hesitant. Meanwhile, the Odinson attempts to channel the god tempest to revive Jane. Odin returns from the gates of Valhalla and helps his son channel the tempest and they revive Jane Foster. Jane is now receiving her cancer treatments and convinces the Odinson to reclaim his name and be the Mighty Thor.

What Just Happened? Jason Aaron switched gears on Jane Foster’s ending as Thor, opting instead to kill Mjolnir instead of Jane. Which essentially is the death of the Mighty Thor as the hammer granted the worthy the powers of the god of thunder. Leaving Jane Foster with the chance to beat her cancer and the Odinson to reclaim his name. Ultimately this could be the character arc the Odinson, Thor, needs. To be the one and only thunder god that no one else could be by wielding a hammer.

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts: From first to last, The Death of the Mighty Thor is beautiful in every aspect. From the writing to the art, it’s hands down an amazing story. And one with a happy ending that is most deserving. I for one will miss Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor. But just as this issue told, this isn’t the end of her story.


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