COMIC BOOK REVIEW: X-Men BLUE Vol. 1 #26 (Forced Evolution)

Mothervine is out and causing chaos and igniting new mutants globally! Can the new team of X-Men handle the unnatural evolution of Mutantkind? And what is Miss Sinsiter’s real goal for creating Mothervine?


X-Men BLUE vol. 1 #26
Cullen Bunn
Penciler: R.B. Silva
Adriano Di Benedetto
Color Artists: Rain Beredo
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Mike Choi and Federico Blee
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Magneto confronts Havok, Bastion, Emma Frost and Miss Sinister. Havok tried to persuade and invite Magento to join their cause but Magneto refused. Havok disappointed with Magneto’s refusal then told Bastion to release the Mothervine globally using the Sentinels.  Mothervine was released and an increasing number of mutations are now being reported around the world. Magneto tried to fight his enemies but was almost beaten up. He used up a Mutant Growth Hormone he brought along which increased his power level for that time being. He used his boosted powers to throw a whole lighthouse at his enemies and used that moment to escape.

Back at Madripoor, Polaris was devastated to find out that what she had done to the Raksha. She had told Gazing Nightshade that she’ll do her best to help them. Meanwhile, Briar and Daken arrived at the X-Mansion and found a sad Gazing Nightshade informing them of what had happened.

Later, Magneto who barely survived his battle against arrived at the mansion. He was welcomed by Briar who credited herself for the suggestion to have Magneto take the Mutant Growth Hormone. Magneto expressed his frustration and fear of what the Mothervine had unnaturally done to Mutantkind. What worried him the most was that the time-displaced X-Men were still lost in space and he had no team to help stop the chaos. Briar then told him she had prepared a team while he was gone. Polaris with Jimmy, Blood Storm, Daken, Xorn and Gazing Nightshade then arrived in costume ready for battle.

What You’ll Find Out:

Still lost in space, time-displaced Beast continued to repair the Balck-Bird and Danger in order for him, the rest of the time-displaced teen X-Men and Venom to get home.
32532347_10157351017549428_2456430906278150144_nBack on Earth, massive amounts of new mutants are emerging around America due to the recently released Mothervine. Humans who were unaffected were also aggressive and in Missouri, a group were about to harm a few new mutants but were interrupted by the mutant known as Unuscione. She used her powers to stop the bigots and at the same time was surprised at how her powers were more powerful than how she used to remember it.
RCO008Suddenly Sentinels arrived announcing that their mission was to provide comfort and aid to the new emerging mutants. Unuscione did not like the sight of the Sentinels and would not allow them to get her and the other new mutants. Polaris and her new team of X-Men arrived and agreed to her sentiments. The group fought the Sentinels. The Sentinels were confused and could not fight back due to their orders. Unfortunately, Unuscione felt weak. The Sentinels tried to ease her but the X-Men continued to fight them off. One of the Sentinels tried to call for back-up but was halted by the heroes. Unuscione lost control over her powers but was calmed down thanks to Xorn and Daken’s pheromones.
32706664_10157351019629428_4964276174566981632_nPolaris tried to calm down the new mutants and planned to bring them back to Madripoor. But everything went wrong when Unuscione lost control over her powers again and destroyed the X-Men’s jet. Unuscione told them that it wasn’t her controlling her powers.

Elsewhere, Havok, Bastion, Emma Frost and Miss Sinister were observing their success over Mothervine. They suspect that after a week, the Mutants were no longer an endangered species. Miss Sinister also revealed that she can also control the new mutants that were ignited by Mothervine. This concerned Emma Frost and telepathically argued with Havok about Sinister raising an army. Miss Sinister then told them that their agents were now in place.
32395234_10157351022269428_5068432996965548032_nIn Madripoor, Magneto and Ferris were discussing their situation and the new mutants they had rescued. They were checking up on them at the Medi bay when they were suddenly attacked by the Marauders. Magento and Ferris tried to fight back but were all caught off guard when even the new mutants who they helped started to rise and fight them.

What Just Happened:

My biggest concern would be the impact of Mothervine on the whole Marvel universe. The story just literally increased the numbers of Mutants around the world. Who knows where Havok and his accomplices had sent those Sentinels to release the Mothervine. but one thing for sure, the Mutant population had increased immensely and this should have been a major cross-over! No seriously, if House of M’s plot of diminishing the mutant population a worthy for a Marvel major crossover, why can’t Mothervine be one? This plot is even better in reviving the mutant population than Avengers vs. X-Men. Seriously though.

Another concern of mine is after knowing that not only Mothervine turns a few humans to Mutants by activating their X-genes but it also causes a second evolution to existing mutants, then how come the X-Men were unaffected by it? How is Mothervine acquired? I would assume it is airborne right? So many questions that made the story really exciting (and again needed to be a major attention to the whole Super Hero community.)

Art by R.B. Silva still looked great on this issue, however, I still find his art lacking. Plus of course art is always subjective and maybe it’s because his art has similarities to Stuart Immonen’s. Usually, his style looked like a cleaner and a more crispier (if that made any sense) version of his idol, Immonen. I think that is not a bad thing, mostly a good thing but I guess it’s something that would look way better if Rain Beredo’s coloring added a little more to the art’s depth.


  • The plot is getting more interesting
  • Polaris new X-Men Blue team in action


  •  New plot holes and unanswered questions

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:
Great issue with an interesting story that might cause and questionably raise some major impact/concern on the whole Marvel universe.


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