X-Minutes Podcast – Episode 4: I Have Here A List Of Names

The X-Men Cinematic Universe; followed minute by minute by fans, for fans!


In this episode, Jean Gray addresses a Congressional Hearing on Mutants, but Senator Kelly’s mind is already made up. Our Uncanny Guest this episode is Scott Carelli from the Spider-Man Minute. Join us as we go way back to the year 2000 for the X-Men’s first feature film!

Check out their second episode by following this link: X-Minutes Broadcast – Episode 4: I Have Here A List Of Names

Following The X-Men Movies One Minute At a Time

Join co-hosts Thomas Howeth, Steve Lastoe, and Gerry O’Brian as they X-pound, X-trapolate, and X-plore the very nature of the X-Men films. Join them weekly via fun podcasts found on their website, or here on Comic Watch!



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