COMIC BOOK REVIEW: X-Men BLUE Vol. 1 #27 (Happy Mothervine’s Day)

Mutants are now becoming the dominant species in the entire world thanks to the Mothervine. But it looks like Mothervine is not only giving mutant powers and causing secondary evolutions! Miss Sinister has an ulterior motive and it doesn’t look like Emma Frost like this at all!


X-Men BLUE vol. 1 #27
Cullen Bunn
Penciler: Marcus To
Color Artists: Rain Beredo
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: R.B. Silva & Rain Beredo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

⚠WARNING: This Review Contains Major Spoilers!!⚠


New Mutants have been sprouting around globally while humans with X-genes developed a secondary mutation, this was due to the Mothervine being released. Polaris and her team of X-Men arrive at San Francisco trying to save a few new mutants and a former Acolyte, Unuscione who was having trouble controlling her enhanced mutant ability from the Sentinels.

Elsewhere, Havok, Bastion, Emma Frost and Miss Sinister watched from behind the scene, enjoying the moment they’ve been preparing for. Miss Sinister revealed that not only does Mothervine ignite new mutants and secondary mutation but also the ability to control them. This alarmed Emma Frost who discussed the matter with Havok.

In Madripoor, Magneto and Ferris were checking on the new mutant civilians in their Medi Bay when they were attacked by the Marauders. The worst part was that the mutants civilians that they were helping also started to team-up with the Marauders to attack Magneto and Ferris.

What You’ll Find Out:

Weeks ago at Madripoor, Magneto and Polaris had a stroll discussing Havok’s behavior. Magneto suggested that Lorna speak with Alex since he knew she was the only one who could reach him after his change of heart.

Now, Polaris alongside her new team of X-Men was fighting against Toad and Wildside who had also undergone a secondary mutation after Mothervine was dispatched. They were able to easily defeat and subdue their opponents.


In deep space, teen Beast was able to fix their ship and revived Danger which also meant that they are almost on their way home. Teen Cyclops continued to mourn the loss of Jean Grey. Venom then addressed this situation and gave Cyclops an advise to use whatever he felt as fuel for payback to whoever was responsible for Jean’s death.

At Madripoor, Magneto and Ferris fought back the Marauders and the Mothervine controlled mutants. Outnumbered, weak and desperate, Magneto unleashed a strong magnetic blast that knocked out most of his foes except the Marauders. Magneto then barely escaped through a teleportation platform (or maybe his time machine.)

Back at San Francisco, the X-Men were interrogating Toad to reveal the hideout of Havok and his companions. Today would not reveal any information which led Blood Storm to use her vampire powers to hypnotize Blink to lead them to Havok’s location.

Elsewhere, Emma Frost confronted Miss Sinister about her concern regarding the Mothervine and the control they have on these people. Miss Sinister revealed the origin of the Mothervine and that they had to use every resource they have to put mutant-kind above the rest. She then suggested that she’ll have Emma take credit for what she had done. Emma in disgust did not like the plan and injured Miss Sinister’s wrist. They were then interrupted by the X-Men who were destroying the Sentinels.
They joined in the battle and managed to defeat them. Havok confronted Polaris who tried to talk and reach into him. He was able to weaken Polaris and finally brought her down. Havok told her that she was becoming like her father who he had proved wrong and had to only sacrifice a few mutants to do so. Hearing this from Alex worried Emma Frost. Polaris still did not believe this and this the selfless Alex is still somewhere in him. Havok told Bastion to take Polaris, and he reassured her that the old Alex was no longer there.

What Just Happened:

One thing is for sure, I love Marcus To’s art. Everything looked good and awesome in my opinion. The story, however, is starting stale or drag in my opinion. I mean we already knew what was going on, so we did not really need another reminder in this issue. The only plot development here was that the X-Men finally confronted Havok and his companions.

Other than that the story doesn’t really offer anything interesting at all. Don’t get me wrong, Bunn still wrote the story well and this has been one of his best arcs for Blue but if this drags too long the book will possibly lose a lot of reader’s interest.


  • Marcus To’s beautiful art
  • Emma Frost starting to realize she is on the wrong side


  •  Bunn is stretching the story too much, and because of that, this issue started to feel a bit dragging and repetitive.

Rating: 7.9/10

Final Thought: Despite the story getting a bit dragging, Blue still managed to capture our interest by keeping us at the edge of our seats thanks to the awesome art and a few progress on the story. Hopefully, the plot development improves next issue.


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