NEWS WATCH: DC’s Most Anticipated New Titles for June 2018

June is a big month for DC Comics, as Bendis is finally in-house and setting up some stints for the favorite caped-crusader, Superman. However, Superman isn’t the only one getting some much-needed attention this month. Two comic characters are finally making their main title appearances again: Hawkman and Plastic Man are getting their own titles.


Hawkman was a central figure in DC’s Metal event that has played out over the past few months and it seemed a good time as any to launch his solo title. He is once again attempting to understand his past and his reincarnations under writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch.


Plastic Man is also making a surprise comeback and will be legendary Gail Simone’s first DC publication with artist Adriana Melo doing panels as this character’s past comes back to haunt him.

Notable mentions are Scott Snyder picking up the Justice League title after concluding Metal.

Which of these titles are you interested in picking up?

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