COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman #48 (The Grosteque Grooms Man!)

Joker is looking to get Batman’s attention after he hears about his wedding. He has gone to a church and slaughtered the entire wedding party. How will Batman deal with this Clown his time, and who told him about the wedding?

Cover A
Cover B

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mikel Janin
Colorist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Mikel Janin Cover A. Cover B: Frank Cho
Editors: James S. Rich Assoc Editor: Brittany Holzherr
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:  Joker has taken over a Church in the middle of a Wedding. The groom sobs and prays for deliverance, and off panel we see only a “Bang!”. Joker is slaughtering all of the guests and finally makes his way to the Bride.


As he expects, Batman erupts through the Stained Glass window of the Church to stop him. Joker takes the frightened Bride hostage. He tells him, I have a hostage, don’t you move an inch, not a single inch or I will…. and he shoots the hostage. Not his most brilliant plan. he then runs away to try to find another hostage, but they are all dead.

Batman swoops in on him as per usual and

This time Joker takes the Gun to his own head as a hostage. “Don’t move an Inch Batman, not one inch or I’ll shoot,” Joker tells Batman.

What You’ll Find Out: Surprisingly Batman plays along, as Joker asks him to pray with him. He reveals some old wisdom from his mother ” There is only one God, One power, one divinity. Nothing else tugs you or tempts you in some other direction. There is True North. There is Salvation. There is Paradise. Head toward it. Head toward God. And Remember…everything else is Chaos.” Batman kneels on the Altar with Joker in a very foolish move, and Joker asks Am I your best man? Then the Cross Explodes!


Not far off on a nearby rooftop, Selina (Catwoman) recounts the warning that Batman gave her to stay away and let him handle this alone. She has the sense that everything has not gone ok as she hears yet another gunshot in the distance, and is off to the rescue.

Rating: 6 /10 Final Thought: Tom King has learned one of the smartest lessons in comic writing. f you have the Joker, let him chew scenery. That’s precisely what he does in this issue. The Joker takes up all of the dialogue, except for one word “Amen” that Batman utters. It is somewhat repetitive, with the gag, but it works. King has the Joker’s flair for the dramatic down, but this brazen attempts for Batman’s attention seem to escape all reason, but as they say in the 1989 movie “Love that Joker.” I don’t get the actual motivation or how Joker actually learns that Batman is getting married (Thalia I’m looking at you), but he is definitely fun to watch here. The design is also interesting if it is maybe somewhat inspired by the recent Telltale Games Joker is my guess. This is a solid Joker story. Like I said I do not fully understand it yet, but as usual King will lead us there, and this has been a fun issue to read.

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