NEWS WATCH: Geoff Johns will be replaced by Jim Lee as DC Comics Chief Creative Officer.

A Literal Rebirth for the creative team at DC Comics, as Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns steps down to form his own Production company.

Geoff Johns has stepped down as the Chief creative officer of DC Comics in order to focus on the production aspects of the company Mad Ghost productions. Johns will be succeeded by Jim Lee.

Lee is the legendary artist that rose to fame on his iconic run of X-Men in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Lee also was a founder of Wildstorm Studios and in 1992 he Co-Founded Image Comics, one of the largest Third-Party Comic Publishers still in existence today. Lee will remain as the Co-Publisher alongside Dan Dido. They have shared this position since 2011.

Johns responded on Twitter with:”Very very excited for what’s ahead!!!!

Looks like DC is making some moves to be more Cinematic similar to Marvel Studios, and the move to Have Geoff Johns step down and start his own production company with an exclusive contract for DC Properties is a huge deal. Hot on the heels of anti-trust litigation that affected the parent company of DC, Time Warner. The segmentation makes sense as the properties of Comics has been the most profitable in recent years. Especially since the most recent Avengers movie has grossed $1,999,471,778 Worldwide.

Mad Ghost’s website features graphics of The Green Lantern Corps and Wonder Woman 2, The Upcoming Shazam and Aquaman.

Now with Exclusive rights to some of the hottest properties in Pop Culture today Including Batman, Superman and WonderWoman, we could be witnessing a new renaissance for DC Comics in the Film and Television mediums.


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