X-Men Pitch Week 3: Pitch 5 ‘Unrepentant’

While things look bleak for the X-Men, familiar faces come together to form a new team. Unfortunately, this team has no intentions of saving their fellow mutants. No matter how evil the deed, they remain Unrepentant.

Writer: Charlie Wylie
Artist: Daniel Beavers


Havok – Havok is still inverted in this series and is at loose ends. He is recruited by Malice. He starts a relationship with Malice.

unrepentant 6

Malice/ Dazzler– Malice is leading the team and has chosen to help Revanche in order to use her to her own ends, which is the utter destruction of any X-Men that are still left alive.

unrepentant 3

Sabretooth– Unlike Havok, Sabretooth has returned to form, and joins Malice’s team to get back into the killing game.

unrepentant 5

Zero– Zero is found in one of Sinister’s labs. He has been a lab rat and joins with Malice because he wants freedom and to spread his own brand of chaos.


Revanche– Revanche’s spirit form has went to Malice for help. She wants a body. They find a clone of Betsy’s original body in Sinister’s labs. Revanche enters it and pursues her own hidden agenda with the team.

unrepentant 2

Nefaria– Countess Nefaria comes into conflict with the team, but is soon under Revanche’s telepathic control. They use her for her powers and resources. She is super strong, durable, and can fly. She also has loads of money.

unrepentant 1

Deadpool– Wade was working for the Countess when she encounters the Malice’s team and follows along. His allegiance is questionable.

unrepentant 4

Opposing forces: Excalibur, the Reavers, Freedom Force, and the Adversary.


Malice encounters Revanche’s spirit form and agrees to help her regain a body. But first, Malice must pick a new host body. She discovers that the Dazzler is having a concert at a nearby venue and soon possesses her. The first thing Malice does in Dazzler’s body is to murder Longshot and she takes his jacket and spikes as a trophy.  Malice decides to form a team to put down the remaining X-Men. An unknown cataclysmic event has destroyed the school and it is assumed most members of the team died as a result. She wants to make sure they are all dead.

Malice recruits Havok, who is still inverted and engaged in a fight with the Reavers, who have mistaken Havok for a hero. Malice uses Dazzler’s powers to murder the Reavers. This impresses Alex, and the two start a relationship. Malice takes them to one of Sinister’s labs where they find Sabretooth and Zero. Sinister had freed Sabretooth of his inversion. They find a body for Revanche and they have the start to their team. Malice feels that Revanche has a hidden agenda, but she doesn’t know what.

They pick up their final members after coming into conflict with Countess Nefaria, who is the niece of the original Nefaria and her employee, Deadpool. Malice has Revanche control her and they use her mansion as a base. Deadpool sticks around because he is still getting paid. The team gets labeled the Unrepentant by Revanche because she says none of the team feels any shame.

They get into conflict with several remaining mutants including Psylocke’s new Excalibur team, which consists of her, Pete Wisdom, Captain Britain, Meggan, and Motormouth. Revanche and Psylocke have a particularly nasty duel, but neither claims a decisive victory.

They also battle Mystique’s newly reformed Freedom Force with Madame Web, Blob, Pyro, Rictor, Shatterstar, and Rogue. Freedom Force has been tasked with finding out what happened to the X-Men. Shatterstar is enraged when he discovers what Malice did to Longshot. He knows he can’t harm his mother, but he vows to destroy Malice someday.

Revanche tells Malice she learned from reading Mystique’s mind that Forge has an impressive arsenal in his home in Dallas. The team heads there, where they are again confronted by Excalibur. This time Revanche kills Psylocke and seems to use her for a sacrifice. Revanche is revealed to be the Adversary, and Psylocke’s death empowers him. He leaves Revanche’s body and takes over Zero, whose chaotic nature fits him more. Without a controlling psyche, Revanche’s body falls to the ground. The Unrepentant and Excalibur join forces to fight the Adversary as he is going to bring about the destruction of the world by opening a dimensional rift. After a long battle, all seems lost. Until Revanche’s body rises and strikes the Adversary from behind with a psi-blade. They throw Zero’s body through the rift and it closes. It is revealed that Psylocke entered the clone of her original body and essentially cheated death. The Unrepentant run after the fight. Countess Nefaria kicks what is left of the team out of her home. Malice, Havok, Sabretooth, and Deadpool are all that are left. Malice is determined to rebuild the team and decimate the remaining heroes.

malice's team

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