COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Ant-Man & the Wasp # 3 (Quantum Solutions)

Ant-Man makes some new friends in his bid to save the Wasp. Will he be able to rescue her so she can find their way out of the Microverse?

ant-man and the wasp 3

Ant-Man & the Wasp # 3
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Javier Garrón
Colorist: Israel Silva
Cover Artist: David Nakayama
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:

Ant-Man and the Wasp have been trapped in the Microverse. Nadia’s eyes are changed by their encounter with a “space vampire” and they glow red and she can’t see. At the end of the last issue, Nadia had been captured by creatures from the Microverse, called the Saarg. She also has had her costume and tech taken from her. Scott is there as well, but he is out of Pym particles and stuck at the size of a flea in this dimension.

What You Will Find Out:

Scott is trying to figure out how to save Nadia and calls on the help of the local version of ants. He is surprised when what he thought were ants completely ignored him, but another life form approaches him and tells him he feels compelled to help, and he brings friends. They assume Ant-Man is an Ant-God.

Meanwhile, Nadia is not one to sit back and wait for a rescue. She realizes her cell is a living organism. She deduces that the cell might split into two if she introduces a chemical which the organism hasn’t been exposed to before. She puts her sweat on the cell and it splits in two (She is awfully sweaty for some reason). She then makes her escape but still cannot see.

Scott uses his new army to get to Nadia’s costume and uses the translator to talk to Dalen, who is the scientist that captured the Wasp. Scott pretends to be a god, but Dalen doesn’t fall for it. Ant-Man’s new friends are disappointed when they realize he isn’t an Ant-God. He explains to Dalen how they got there. He also uses Dalen’s growth particles to get to a bigger size and they seem comparable to Pym Particles. He agrees to help Scott to free Nadia after a bit of conversation. He wants to shrink to avoid detection, but Ant-Man says it would take forever to get to Nadia. He figures out that the fastest way to get there is to use the Wasp suit. Dalen puts on the suit and away they go. ant-man and the wasp 3 other art

Dalen and Scott encounter the local army while looking for Nadia, but soon locate her. Scott grows his army of creatures to hold of the Saarg. Dalen gives Nadia back her suit, but she is obviously feeling funny. She then splits into multiple Wasps. Nadia deduces that they have been shrinking so long that they have become living quantum particles. Since a quantum particle lives in all possible states at once, Nadia has become all possible Nadias. She can now see again, but she can see everything, all possibilities. She can see the way out, but the have to go through the Saarg. Scott also splits and uses his numbers to fight through the enemy military. Dalen uses some of his growth particles to become a giant to help fight.

ant-man and the wasp 3 art

Nadia tells Dalen he has to come with them, because she sees something bad happening to him if he stays. She grabs him and flies through a crack in the Microverse. Scott follows her through. Unfortunately, traveling through the crack has had an effect on Ant-Man. He seems to have become a negative version of himself.

What Just Happened:

Ant-Man and the Wasp have jumped from one problem to another. Waid  is doing a great job with ending each issue with a cliffhanger. This issue was also funny. Dalen looked hilarious in the Wasp suit.  Garrón is doing a fantastic job on the art. The Microverse and it’s inhabitants look great. Silva’s colors in this issue really stand out as well.

Rating: 9/10

Final thoughts:

This series has been top notch so far and I am sad that it is only a mini. This series is a lot of fun. Check it out.


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