X-MEN PITCH WEEK 3: Choose Your Pitch and VOTE!

We set our pitchers the task of making our own fan-pitches for books based on villains and they all delivered. But, which one was your favorite. It’s time for the reader’s vote.

Here’s a reminder of your choices:

X-Men: Grave of Oblivion by Mike Van Wagoner

Mike envisions a disparate team of X-men under the influence of a supernatural mutant force from across the multiverse. Shadowcat, Juggernaut and a who’s who of teleporters make up this villainous team. Read more…

Sisterhood X by Matt Skipworth

Matt brings us a tale of Emma Frost getting back to her corporate roots while reining in Maddie Pryor and a phalanx of badass women warriors! Read more…

X-Calibre: The Damocles Foundation by Loz Cook

Emma Steed and her adopted clone son Jasper wreak havoc across the United Kingdom as they build a team of villains to aid them in creating the new superpower British Empire! Emma has a plan, but so do her recruited “frenemies.” Read more…

Mutant Empire by Maxime Garbarini

Emma and a well-organized collection of mutants ranging from Hellions, Utopians, Morlocks, Acolytes, and other new faces decide it’s time for another successful revolution and they’re going to do whatever it takes. But, do some of the new recruits have reservations? Read more…

Unrepentant by Charlie Wylie

Malice goes back to an old host and decides the X-men don’t deserve to be forgiven for their sins. Along with Havok, Revanche, Zero and more, Malice will have to prove she’s got what it takes to do what no other villain has done before. Read more…

X-Men: Secret Genesis by Tom Bacon

Back before Charles ever formed the X-men, Mystique, Destiny and agent Creed form a team to stop the Evil Nathan Milbury from his sinister plans, but will Doctor’s Xavier and Marko be a help or hindrance? Read more…

Hellions: End Game
Story by Tyler Ouellette
Art by Michael Brower

The Hellions make a deal with death for their lives, but sacrifices need to be made. With a hitlist of the surviving Upstarts and Hellfire Club will the Hellions seek vengeance or redemption? Read more…

So choose your pitch, X-Men fans!

You have one week to vote below for your favorite pitch and then we will publish the results on July the 20th. You will also find the results from our three judges who will deliberate for the next week to bring us their own thoughts and proclaim winners. So see what our judges have to say about the pitches and see if they agreed with your own views.


























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