The Last God #5: It Awoke, and Became the World Entire

The Last God #5

The Last God #5 (Johnson, Federici, Lopes, Prianto, Gho, Napolitano) brings the cruel realities of this epic turmoil to the forefront by blurring the lines between good and bad, showing that this is not just another epic high-fantasy story with a dark twist. It’s an expertly plotted and fleshed out world thriving with trials and tribulations that transcend time itself.


Assassins Pride Series Review: Oh No

Assassins Pride

The last refuge of humanity lives within the city-state of Flandore, and the gap between nobility and commoners is wide since noble bloodlines contain mana. With this power, it is up to mana users to protect the populace from dangerous monsters. To fight these terrible battles are the assassins like Kufa Vampir, and his newest mission is to serve as bodyguard and tutor for the daughter of the prestigious Angel family, Melida. Although Melida’s family is known for its mighty mana warriors, Melida herself appears to have no such talent, but Kufa sees potential in his young student.