Seton Academy: Join the Pack Series Review: Animals and Animal-Girls

Seton Academy: Join the Pack

Jin Mazama is a human male student at Seton Academy, and he doesn’t get along with non-human animals. Therefore, he gets incredibly annoyed when a wolf female, Ranka Okami, takes an interest in him. Desperate to get away from Ranka, Jin runs into Hitomi Hino, a human female, and the two start a cooking club. However, to Jin’s chagrin, Ranka sees this as the perfect opportunity to bring as many different members from many different species together.


Batman and Robin Annual #1 (2013): You Never Fail to Make an Impression

Batman and Robin Annual #1

Batman and Robin Annual #1 (Tomasi, Syaf, Cifuentes, Kalisz, Mangual) is the type of comic that pulls you in with heartfelt relatability and holds on until the very last panel, making it impossible to not put the book down with a smile. For those who may still be looking for the heart behind Damian Wayne as Robin, this is a great place to start!