Nekopara Series Review: Cat Tails and Bells


Welcome to the patisserie shop Le Soleil where customers come here to try the delicious cakes and sweets while being helped by the store’s adorable waitstaff, the cat-girls of the Minaduki family. Living at the restaurant are best friends, Chocola and Vanilla. These two will do anything for the human that saved them from the streets and gave them a loving home. Life is peaceful and fun, and then one day, Chocola finds a lost kitten named Cacoa.


Darth Vader #1: I Hate Sand, Memoir of a Dark Lord

Darth Vader #1

In the new Darth Vader series, (Pak, Ienco, Menon) readers find the terrifying Lord of the Sith in deep contemplation after his confrontation with his son. Star Wars writer Greg Pak takes on weaving new tales of the armored ex-Jedi. Set in the wake of the events of The Empire Strikes Back, this is an attempt to provide audiences with similar high level storytelling the previous Vader series was known for. This time however, the series takes place in a new chapter that runs parallel to the Star Wars and the Doctor Aphra ongoing series.