Black Lightning – Season 3 : A City At War

Black Lightning

Jefferson Pierce is definitely an “Arrowverse” protagonist, seen from his incredible chemistry with the other heroes during Crisis, but he feels awkward in a show that is much grittier than the rest. Going into the finale, the new antagonist is a lot more sympathetic than previous ones yet also one-shotted Jennifer, the strongest member of the team, leaving us on the edge of our seats to see what Black Lightning will do to save Freeland this time.


Justice League Dark #22: Are Our Stories Not Worth Saving?

Justice League Dark #22

Justice League Dark #22 (V, Tynion IV, Martinez Bueno, Nahuelpan, Fernandez, Chung, Leigh) finds strength in the exploration of humanity, the natural order of chaos and how we can influence it with our own story, getting right to the heart of what this entire series has been about. It’s a can’t miss issue for sure.