SUNDAY CLASSICS: From Dystopia to Dinosaurs, the Future Meets the Past in Epic’s Dreadlands

Dreadlands #1-4

It’s man meets dinosaur in this tale of an eco-damaged future! A secret United Nations installation has learned to harness the power of ball lighting to create a time machine. But when the base is overrun, and the machine malfunctions, how can the survivors last in 150,000,000 BC? Join us this Sunday morning for a look into Epic’s classic “Dreadlands”!


Batman Beyond: Cyberpunk Batman?

Batman Beyond

Set in a Utopian, futuristic version of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne becomes unable to fulfill his role as Batman. And so, Terry McGinnis, a troubled but good-natured high school student, ends up becoming Batman, while also dealing with the personal toll becoming of the cowl. Is this series a new and unique version of the Dark Knight or a weird version of him that should just be forgotten.