On a stormy morning before Halloween in a small Alaskan town, the child that would one day become Benjamin Morgan was born. And honestly nothing of significance happened for some time after that, but hey - Never waste a chance to mention you were born on the Day Before Halloween, amiright?! Anyhoo, I became an obsessed Comic Fan sometime during 5th Grade, when a bunch of kids were showing-off their recent hauls on the playground. As I wandered over to see what the commotion was all about, there it was - "Amazing Spider-Man" #347, with the glorious Cover by Erik Larsen featuring Venom holding (what we were meant to think was) Spidey's skull in his hand. From that day on a love affair was born, one that would not only help educate and empathize with others outside my Life Bubble, but quite literally save my life by giving me hope and inspiration. Ever since I was able, I've been drawing, writing, and creating Characters and Stories somehow related to Comic Book Heroes and Villains. I've worked mainly Retail jobs and lived all-over the United States, but the dream has always remained to be part of the Comic Community. Now only a few short months shy of Age 40, I sincerely hope anyone reading this enjoys what they've read and will continue to welcome my writing into their lives! Thanks everyone!

Venomous Poison: A Story of Addicts & Aliens

My name is Benjamin Morgan, and I am an Alcoholic. Now that I have your attention, please join me for my Introductory Column here on Comic Watch – I’ll be going in-depth with my own personal struggles with alcohol addiction, and contrasting them with those of The Venom Symbiote, and how it has battled constantly since arriving on Earth with the confusion of Human Emotions, and the differences between Right and Wrong.