I've always been a visual person and love stories, so comic books and animation were a strong interest from a young age. Growing up on Marvel, I have slowly started to broaden my horizons with some DC and Image books. From Queensland, Australia, I have worked extensively in the print industry running presses and preparing files. I am a recent graduate in Graphic Design and have developed an appreciation for typography. Combine this with my love of comics and I am starting to dabble in lettering for dialogue and sound effects in comic books.

Stars (And Tears) In Our Eyes

A tribute to some of the great talent we lost in the year almost gone 2017. You may not know some of the names, while others would have bought great sorrow to hear of their passing. Whether you knew them or not, you can be sure they all made great contributions to their industries and will be remembered for different reasons, by different people. Sadly some were intentional and self inflicted.