REVIEW: Green Lanterns #42 (No Good Steed Goes Unpunished!)

Using an App called Caper that would find matches for the Superheroes to date. Simon used it to meet a woman hero named Night Pilot. He discovered that upon their return from Ungara, there are a large number of Super Heroes missing, including The Night Pilot. Simon and Jessica have enlisted the help of the Scoundrel Scrapps to lead them to the trail of the Abductors, and hopefully the missing heroes. They have recently found information leading them to a system that is controlled by a Church of the Steed. A fanatical Cult that the Green Lantern's have an accord with to not enter their space without overwhelming evidence of a crime.

REVIEW: Batman #42 (Everyone Loves Ivy or The Ivy League)

Batman and Catwoman are the only two humans on Earth not under the Mind control of Poison Ivy. They are confined to Wayne manor, and Poison Ivy has sent the Justice League to keep them there. Having prepared for this eventuality, Bruce has handy a serum to counteract Ivy's Pheromones that took control of the entire Human Population of the Planet. It seems the Meta Humans and the Aliens as well. He was swift enough to inoculate Selina as well. So these two are the only ones free of Pamela Isley's Mind control. Superman is dispatched to cover the whereabouts of Batman and Catwoman, and they are confined by Ivy to the Wayne Manor. By the way she knows who Batman is now. So does everyone connected to her, but it seems like they have no memories or recollection, all they do is channel her like a Radio station.

REVIEW: Justice League of America #24 (Behold Promethea!)

Mari freshly regenerated from her recent explosion, uses he Tantu Totem to connect her to all of the people who had seen her die. She asks that they sacrifice their wishes to help defeat the Queen's power. Unbeknownst to her, she has switched to a more potent power source in their Fear. The team still doesn't know that Vixen is OK, and Mari tries her best to rally support from the bystanders. Emerging from the portal Promethea engages Tsarita and they battle while the Justice League takes on the remnants of her Woodsmen. Lobo, not pleased with Frost's betrayal of the team, attacks her. She holds him back, but cannot defeat him for long. The Atom intervenes and shrinks Lobo down to a more manageable size.

REVIEW: Green Lanterns #41 (Hunting the Human Traffickers in Space!)

Having successfully found the cause of the disappearing heroes, Simon and Jessica take Scrapps, the ring leader and one that used the Caper App to further her Human Trafficking ring, into their custody. They are having her lead them to her supplier. Meanwhile Jessica is dealing with the Caper App, saying her perfect match was Simon! They travel off world to a lawless planet called Garnet in the Vega system. A system where they don't take kindly to Green Lanterns. They once had one, but the ring never chose a successor, because it's that bad!

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