I'm a writer, musician, collagist, and more generally a very nerd grrrl. Some of my favorite comics are New Mutants, Jem and the Holograms, Snotgirl and Monstress. I have also been published in different poetry books, anthologies and zines, and with a short story in '99% Chance of Magic: Stories of Strength and Hope for Transgender Kids'. You can follow and contact me at @dunahaller on Instagram and Facebook.

b.b. free #3: The Strength Of Owning Your Own Story

b.b. free #3

b.b. free #3 (Rivera, Dunlap, Quigley, Campbell) handles every issue more like a love & care letter to oppressed kids, like a story of finding your own strength and owning it. It gives us some of the most important moments in representation, and the art moves emotionally with the story. It’s a captivating, fun and fantastical read that I feel is important we look up to, both readers and creators.


Snotgirl #15 : They’re Girlfriends! (And Everything Keeps Being Weird!)

Snotgirl #15 : The Rehearsal

(O’Malley, Hung, Cohen, Odomo) If you loved #1-14 of Snotgirl, this one delivers. You’re gonna scream and laugh and cry with it I swear! If you’re not caught up or starting to get into Lottieworld, all I wanna say is you’re gonna eventually have get everything you want of this series. It’s gonna get messy! Complicated! Gay! And certainly there’s a mystery there! Plus the art is constantly astounding and even gets better!


Spider-Man Noir #1: I Can Only Remind You Of Who You Are

Spider-Man Noir #1

Spider-Man Noir #1: Margaret Stohl stays true to its characters and sets up an effectively mysterious tone and story, with Juan Ferreyra’s art providing it with a rainy and jazzy visual soundtrack. With some of the greatest themes in Spider-Man present (like his need to do everything in his hands to help others), and some really sweet character interactions, the book promises a story that we’re eager to see unfold.