I'm a writer, musician, collagist, and more generally a very nerd grrrl. Some of my favorite comics are New Mutants, Jem and the Holograms, Snotgirl and Monstress. I have also been published in different poetry books, anthologies and zines, and with a short story in '99% Chance of Magic: Stories of Strength and Hope for Transgender Kids'. You can follow and contact me at @dunahaller on Instagram and Facebook.

Batman: Urban Legends #9: Batwoman in “Disinformation Campaign,” Pt. 2: The First Step

Batman Urban Legends #9: Batwoman in “Disinformation Campaign,” Pt. 2

Batman: Urban Legends #9’s “Disinformation Campaign” carries a heartwarming & nuanced conclusion with a route that I would like to see @DCComics take more often! #Batwoman @crashwong @vascogeorgiev @rainberedo @Becca_See @jesswchen @thedcnation