Harley Quinn #72: Trust Me I’mma Doctor!

Harley Quinn #72

Humphries has achieved an iconic status with this run on Harley Quinn, and this arc shows that there are emotional ramifications that can continue to be explored long after this series, but Harley Quinn #72 (Humphries, Abel, Hi-Fi, Sharpe) also shows that the story isn’t nearly completed yet. There might be some new developments for fans to come to terms with, but it’s an enjoyable issue and on par with the quality we’ve come to expect from this team. 


Batman: The Return #1 (2011): Sweet Sound of Glory and Order and Architecture

Batman: The Return #1 (2011)

Batman: The Return (2011) (Morrison, Finch, Steigerwald, Sharpe) is a one-shot from an absolute superstar team of creative talent set to bridge two eras as Bruce returns to the cape and cowl following Dick’s time as Batman but this particular issue finds true success in how the Batfamily has held down Gotham in his stead.