I was first exposed to the superhero genre and the whole comic book fandom when I saw the 90's animated X-Men series back in 1992. Since then I have been watching & following other great animated adaptation based on comics like the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. I started getting into collecting & reading comics books around 1996. I collect a lot of Marvel-related series especially my favorite superhero teen groups Marvel's Generation X, DC's Legionnaires and Malibu Comic's Freex! I stopped collecting and reading Superhero comics around 2001. This was the time I was more exposed to the Japanese Manga, Anime and Video game culture. I got back into reading superhero comics again around 2009, when my family and I went on a vacation in Toronto, Canada. There I geek’d out inside comic shops and ended up buying comics again. Since then I have been following and enjoying reading superhero comics, indie comics and manga. Aside from being a big comic book fan, I love to watch movies and binge watch TV series, read books, play video games (Mega Man, Final Fantasy and Guilty Gear Series), and draw during my spare time.

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Mega Man Mastermix vol. 1 #02 (The Fall of Light’s Robot Masters and the Rise of Wily’s Robot Masters)

The humans had decided to destroy Dr. Light’s Robot Masters. Mega Man is heartbroken to find out about the news. Dr. Wily, however, took this as an advantage and sent out his very own Robot Masters to recruit Light’s Robots for shady reasons. Will Mega Man be able to save his brothers and stop the evil scientist!? The highly anticipated comic adaptation of the beloved Mega Man 2 video game is now remastered with colors!