I was first exposed to the superhero genre and the whole comic book fandom when I saw the 90's animated X-Men series back in 1992. Since then I have been watching & following other great animated adaptation based on comics like the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. I started getting into collecting & reading comics books around 1996. I collect a lot of Marvel-related series especially my favorite superhero teen groups Marvel's Generation X, DC's Legionnaires and Malibu Comic's Freex! I stopped collecting and reading Superhero comics around 2001. This was the time I was more exposed to the Japanese Manga, Anime and Video game culture. I got back into reading superhero comics again around 2009, when my family and I went on a vacation in Toronto, Canada. There I geek’d out inside comic shops and ended up buying comics again. Since then I have been following and enjoying reading superhero comics, indie comics and manga. Aside from being a big comic book fan, I love to watch movies and binge watch TV series, read books, play video games (Mega Man, Final Fantasy and Guilty Gear Series), and draw during my spare time.