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Magical Sempai Series Review: Smoke, Mirrors, and Tight Sweaters

Magical Sempai

Looking for a club that will allow him to do whatever the hell he wants, an unenthused first-year high school student stumbles upon the club room that is going to change his life forever. Inside is a beautiful upperclassman, his Sempai, practicing magic. Sempai, upon realizing the boy is watching her, is immediately struck with crippling stage fright. However, that doesn’t mean the show has to end. Sempai offers – a.k.a., pesters – the first-year to become her Assistant. Begrudgingly, Assistant sticks around. Now the pair are on a mission (or, at least, Sempai is) to create the perfect magic act.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Series Review: I’m Not A Bad Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

In the world that we all know, Satoru Mikami was the epitome of an average guy. Sadly, that is not always enough to keep one safe. After a senseless act of violence, Satoru is mortally wounded, and his consciousness slowly begins to drift away. Waking up in a dark cave, the human that was once known as Satoru Mikami is reincarnated as the oddly powerful slime monster named Rimuru Tempest.


Are You Lost Series Review: Survival 101

Are You Lost

While on their school trip, Homare Onishima, Mutsu Amatani, Asuka Suzumori, and Shion find themselves in an unthinkable situation. Following an accident, the four high schoolers become stranded on a deserted island. Although Mutsu, Asuka, and Shion are desperately scared and have no idea what to do, the same cannot be said for Homare, who was trained by her father to survive in the most hostile environments. The three other girls will need to rely on Homare’s expertise to get them through this ordeal, which isn’t always pretty.


Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken Series Review: One Frame at a Time

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

From as far back as she can remember, Midori Asakusa has loved animation and is an avid student of how visual storytellers convey meaning through camera shots, movement, designs, setting, and music. If there is one thing Midori wants to do, it’s be a filmmaker. Therefore, Midori and her friends Sayaka Kanamori and Tsubame Mizusaki decide to try their hand at animation brilliance, and they form their school’s newest club, the Eizouken.