As an avid comic fan since the 80's, it is my pleasure to contribute with Comic Reviews, and any other chance I have to be a comic fanboy. I am the co-host of the Justin vs Justen Podcast. Find me on Facebook at Amalgamania or Twitter as Jcooperstergold.

FIRST WATCH: Get an Early Look at Shadowman #5

Entering the time of the Civil War, Jack comes face to Skeleton Face with his great Great /Grand father Marius Boniface, he first to bear the Shadowmn curse. An intriguing tale of the past and family in an attempt to use the shadows to aid slaves escaping to the North. Don’t miss this exciting issue of Shadowman with Variant Covers By David Mack and Doug Braithwaite!


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Daredevil #602 (The Mayor’s Blindspot)

Matt Murdock is Daredevil, and he is also the Deputy mayor of New York City. When Wilson Fisk appointed the Attornet Matt Murdock, a veritable thorn in his side, to be his Deputy Mayor, he had no idea that the laws of succession had been altered. Then after a brutal attack at a Central Park Rally, Fisk was nearly killed by the Hand Ninjas. Luckily Steven was there to tell the Police Commissioner that the previous administration had changed the rules, and that Matt Murdock was the new mayor of New York City.


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman #46 (The Good, the Bad, and Booster Gold!)

Booster Gold, the time traveling hero from the 25th century has decided to give Batman a wedding gift. In doing so he totally warped reality. In this new Flashpoint-style reality, Bruce Wayne is not Batman, but his Parents Thomas and Martha Wayne are alive and well. He is a wealthy socialite of Gotham, and Selina is hidden away in Arkham Asylum as she has become a serial killer!