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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Mage the Hero Denied #8 (My Father the Hero!)

In the last few pages of the last issue we find that Hugo has been taken by a Bus of Red Caps, while the House has been destroyed, without Magda or Miranda in sight. An enraged Kevin fights a Howler Ogre upon the wreckage of his house, to hopefully uncover his family safe and sound.

We open in the lair of the Grackelthorns. Magda is regaining conciseness on the floor as the last thing that she remembers was the Incubus or Vampire that took her blood from the Charity dinner at the kids school. The thorns tell her that she is in the home of the Umbra Sprite, and that she will not be harmed.


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman #45 (The Booster Golden Blunder!)

Batman and Catwoman are getting Married and as a result they have encountered many of their Superhero and Villains friends alike. Booster Gold is the time traveling Superhero from the future, who has been known to make a questionable decision or two, but always done right by the Justice League, and even saved the Multiverse a time or two. This is a story about one of those questionable decisions.

After the recent trip to Krypton the DCU presents the return of Booster Gold, and Batman is not Happy! Booster Gold Changes the time stream to give Batman a wedding gift to remember.


REVIEW:Bloodshot Salvation #8 (Blind Determination)

A Brief scene as Magic is upset that Ninjak held her back when she tried to follow Ray and Jessie into the Deadside. But Ray is blind and he is in trouble. He has a rather large gun, but the only eyes that he has are the Blood Hound’s.
Overwhelmed by the horde, Ray and The Hound make their final stand as Ray unsheathes the Sword he took from Ninjak. He takes many a Demon’s head, but it’s inevitable as they swarm him. Victory looks bleak.


REVIEW: Justice League of America #25 (Dreams and Angor!)

Lord Havok was the DCU’s answer to Dr. Doom. He and his cast of followers were basically otherworld copies of Marvel Heroes and Villains that were made into DC Characters, most notably Lord Havok. He enacted his various plans by manipulating a powerful being called the Dreamslayer. Pay attention because this may be important later.

The League has successfully survived the Queen Tsarita ( The Might beyond the Mirror) and now returns to their status Quo, yet they are in need of new Headquarters, as Mount Justice has been destroyed. The Team is bringing together Scientists to help, and The Ray Appears and introduces the League to Aztek.