As an avid comic fan since the 80's, it is my pleasure to contribute with Comic Reviews, and any other chance I have to be a comic fanboy. I am the co-host of the Justin vs Justen Podcast. Find me on Facebook at Amalgamania or Twitter as Jcooperstergold.

REVIEW: Batman #40 (The Horde is Everlasting, but are their Spirits?)

Wonder Woman and Batman have been transported to another realm, and taken over the duties of The Gentile Man. His task is to fight back the Horde of Demons that are created by the sins of all Mankind. As time passes by in Hours and Minutes, they pass as years in decades for Batman and Wonder Woman. The tension is building, and they are becoming closer as a result. Several near-kisses have occurred, but both have resisted the urge.


REVIEW: Justice League of America #23 (Frost Frozen by Fear!)

While Batman is gone fighting his evil incarnations in Metal, he has left the Justice League of America in charge of facing the Might Beyond the Mirror. Tsarita, the queen of Myth has taken control!
Frost has called the Queen of Wishes to Earth by wishing away her hunger for the heat of living things. She has been effectively cured. The Queen Tsarita, also thinks that Frost is a reminder of her sister Freya that passed away ages ago.

The League was chosen by Batman, for it’s mostly incorruptible nature, hence the seemingly strange team make up, but they were selected to combat the Queen, should she rear her head in this realm.

Killer Frost , had a Nightmarish vision of a future where she had taken the heat from everything living in the world. In an effort to prevent that outcome she makes a wish to save the world, and releases the Magical Mistress of Myth Queen Tsarita (Issue #22)


PREVIEW: Image Comics Get’s Naked!

Get Naked is certainly more of a long collection of Essays and more of a statement about Vulnerability, Anxiety and the other general Hang ups people have, than actually Getting Naked itself. It is also a Comedic look in the mirror of the reader.This is definitely an educated read, and will appeal to the less mainstream fans of the Comic world. This was compared to a Davis Sedaris novel in the brand of humor.


REVIEW: Detective Comics #973 (Fall of the Batmen Finale)

Batman is working with the team to formulate a plan to bring Basil down to size.
Everyone is lending a hand to help stop Clayface. Batwing and Squire are working up a plan to have the Batwing drones controlled by Azazel and sent to battle Clayface. In the Meantime Anarchy and (honestly a character that they do not name, but I imagine has a Name) argue about the ethics of their interference so far, Anarchy does not take lightly the impertinence and the hypocrisy of the other and they fight. ( an sort of B-plot item that is not too explored in this issue).


REVIEW: TMNT #78 (My Dad Punched a Dinosaur!)

The Triceratons have attacked New York with a Scouting Party. They Battled the combined forces of Bishop and the Foot Clan.Not ones to retreat, they regrouped into the sewers, where they met the Turtles. They explained that they are an advanced landing party for a full scale invasion.

Splinter rescues Bishop and offers him an alliance with the Foot Clan. Bishop is reluctant, yet seems to accept this as the best course of action, at least for now.


REVIEW: Green Lanterns #39 (The Tide has Turned!)

Listeh has taken on the powers of some dangerous Aliens, through the Surge Engine. It appears that she was using Kesh Cur to further her own ends. She defeats The Lanterns and Regent Vok, and walls them up with Alien Corpses, as she makes her escape.

Terrorizing the Molites, and speaking to the Ungardians, she flies on angel wings reaping destruction in her wake. Preaching of a new Ungarda to all who can hear.