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EPISODE REVIEW: The Flash S4 EP16 ‘Run, Iris, Run.’

Sometimes heroes aren’t born, they’re made. Or their DNA has switched around and given abilities for an episode. Either way, Iris becomes something more for Team Flash, and for herself. A bus meta trying to help people by taking powers from dangerous metas accidentally switches Barry and Iris’s DNA, granting Iris the speed of the Flash. Will she be enough to protect Star City?


REVIEW: The Flash S4 EP11 (“The Elongated Knight Rises”)

“WHERE’S THE TRICKSTER?! WHERE IS HE!” …See what I did there? A little Christian Bale humor for you, due to the very nodding title of this episode. Though tonight, there were no big-time heroes coming to the rescue. There was no caped crusader or scarlet speedster…but there was a stretchy man. Stretch Armstrong? Bendy? We want to call him what he is but it’s so hard! Barry imprisoned calls the Elongated knight to the rescue for the citizens of Star City, but what about this Trickster? Team Flash is holding their own, but with Ralph Dibney taking the spotlight, it is unknown how they will manage.