I have been reading comics since I was eleven - over a quarter-century! I love them as an art form as well as the characters, and want to see them continue to grow as a respectable medium. It's my humble honor and privilege to act as editor-in-chief of Comic Watch!

Justice League #53: Severed Survival

“Doom Metal” kicks off in Justice League #53 (Williamson, Xermanico, Farjardo Jr.), and although the art is gorgeous, the plot feels threadbare and by-the-numbers. There’s definite potential for growth – due more to overarching narrative promise than anything technically delivered here – but it may take another issue or two to reach it. Turns out, not even death metal can rock at an eleven every time.


Maestro #1: My Own Worst Enemy (EARLY Spoiler-Free Review!)

Maestro #1 (David, Peralta, Keown) is no mere nostalgia trip. It’s a dark, masterful look into the psyche of Marvel’s most powerful force, and the world that ultimately forces him to become the worst, most vile version of himself. This is a stunner of a comic with a huge legacy to fulfill, and it more than does so as the entire creative team rises to the challenge – and then some.


Dark Nights: Death Metal – Legends of the Dark Knights #1: Scream Bloody Gore

Dark Nights: Death Metal – Legends of the Dark Knights #1

Please do not buy Dark Nights: Death Metal – Legends of the Dark Knights unless you have the disposable income to do so. It isn’t worth your time or hard-earned money, unless you’re a hardcore completist. There are moments of fun, but they’re lost in the deluge.