I have been reading comics since I was eleven - over a quarter-century! I love them as an art form as well as the characters, and want to see them continue to grow as a respectable medium. It's my humble honor and privilege to act as editor-in-chief of Comic Watch!

The Boys: Dear Becky #1 (of 4): Out of Touch

The Boys: Dear Becky #1 (Ennis, Braun, Avina) is a comic that feels ripped from a bygone era, and whether or not readers can stomach it given the world’s current climate is going to be a personal choice. The Boys remains as brutal and uncaring as ever, but now lacks the wink and sense of fun the original run had. And perhaps that, too, is a reflection of the times.


Teen Titans #41: The Power Within (Is as Cheesy as it Sounds)

Teen Titans #41 (Glass, Thompson, Pansica, Ferreira, Maiolo) shows the writers of this book running on fumes, as “Djinn Wars” comes to a jaw-droppingly easy conclusion and the characters keep circling back to their inherent mistrust of Robin, who continues to be stuck in neutral right now as well, unable to admit his mistakes. A once-great book that has apparently run out of ideas, the art is stellar, but that’s about it.