Rick and Morty #100: Insane in the Membrane

Rick and Morty #100

Celebrating 100 issues of Rick and Morty! The Oni Press team has done an exceptional job with this issue even highlighting some of the beloved adventures we love! Check it out @AlexFirer , @SamMaggs @lostthiskeysman @JamesAsmus #RyanFerrier @FredCStresing @consoroza @Worstwizard @JarrettWilliams @EmmettComix @tonyfleecs @meanwhilestudio @jujujulieta @MarcEllerby


Edge of Spider-Verse #4 Different isn’t broken

Edge of Spider-Verse #4

If you though this team was crazy enough, You havent seen anything yet!! Check out Spider-Ham and Sun-Spider along with two other interesting Spiders in Edge of the Spider-Verse #4! See Madam Webb travel throughout the Spider-Verse to seek new Spiders in her endeavor against a dauntingly dangerous foe! @tytempleton , @BlumJordan , @LucianoVecchio , @BroadwayWorld , @StockmanNate , @DanSlott , @JoeCaramagna