I have had an insatiable love of movies my whole life and collected comics for over 20 years. The end result is I have Rain Man-like knowledge of both. As a dad of twins, I spend my time being a dad, traveling, and getting my boys caught up on all things pop culture.My favorite comic characters? Green Lantern (Hal) and Captain America (Steve).

April Fool’s Day: Which One Pranked Us Better?

April Fool’s Day

Over the top, cliched, melodramatic, and often poorly acted, both the original April Fool’s day in 1986 and the 2008 “remake” have their issues. However, they still prove to be fun viewing, especially if you watch them in theme with the day. So, if you’re looking for something mindlessly fun to watch this April 1st, either April Fool’s Day fits the bill.


Hidden Gems: Radioactive Dreams

Radioactive Dreams

Doubtlessly, most of you have never heard of Radioactive Dreams, but it definitely fits the “so bad, it’s good” category. It is a wacky post-apocalyptic movie that is pure 80s! Even though it’s next to impossible to find, if you like fun, weird post-apocalyptic movies, you should seek this one out.