I have had an insatiable love of movies my whole life and collected comics for over 20 years. The end result is I have Rain Man-like knowledge of both. As a dad of twins, I spend my time being a dad, traveling, and getting my boys caught up on all things pop culture.My favorite comic characters? Green Lantern (Hal) and Captain America (Steve).

Opinion-Star Wars: The Holiday Special – A Forgotten Foray into the Star Wars Universe

Star Wars: The Holiday Special

If there’s a bright center of the Star Wars universe, this is the movie that it’s farthest from. Back in 1977, when A New Hope was released, it took the world by storm. The level of fandom that rushed to see it over and over was unprecedented. In a strange effort to capitalize on that popularity, and provide families with some fun Christmas viewing, George Lucas made Star Wars: The Holiday Special.


Titans season 2: Only So Many Characters


The second season of Titans proved to be an action-packed extravaganza in addition to a continuance of the high-level characterization of each team member that began in season 1. Great battle scenes with often disastrous repercussions brings up a troubling issue with the show not often seen in comic book related properties, though. There are a lot of Titans characters, heroes and villains alike, but you can’t kill them all off and keep a show long term.


I Am Mother: Possibly the Best Sci-Fi Film of 2019

I Am Mother

I Am Mother is a slow burn, tension builder of a sci-fi movie that teeters on the edge of thriller and horror territory. In a post-apocalyptic world where most humans have died, viewers are trapped in a claustrophobic bunker with one young girl being raised by a robot known as “Mother”. When a mysterious stranger shows up, audiences never know quite who to trust, machine or human.


Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – The Rise of Vader Finally Turned the Prequels Around

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Much like Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith was still battling perception problems due to the issues with the first two movies. Unlike Attack of the Clones, though, this one completed its task. Granted, the entire prequel trilogy catches a lot of hate, but when people do take the time to discuss the merits of this entry separately, it is often spoken of as the decent movie that it is.