A devoted anime fan since the young age of 7 and the first time Goku yelled, "Kamehameha," I was hooked. While moving forward to the world of animes and mangas. The weekends turning into binge days and nights of many animes that I could have until my dreams began to turn into anime. The very obsession for One Piece started and became my life, however, I would never deny my many other favorite animes that span from InuYasha to My Hero Academia. You may follow my obsession of anime on my twitter @mimilyzeth

CRUNCHYROLL Summer 2022 Anime Season Slate Announced

CRUNCHYROLL COOKS UP A DELICIOUS SUMMER 2022 SEASON LINEUP INCLUDING: “The Devil is a Part-Timer!,” “MY HERO ACADEMIA,” “RENT-A-GIRLFRIEND,” “Dr. STONE,” “CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE,” AND MORE! Anime Streaming Platform to Simulcast Over 40 New and Returning Series This Summer @crunchyroll #anime #hime #seasontwo #season2 #thedevilisaparttimer #classroomoftheelite #mha


Crunchyroll Games Launches Bloodline with Attack on Titan Collaboration

Crunchyroll Games is excited to announce the launch of Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire. The turn-based mobile RPG kicks off today with an epic Attack on Titan collaboration, allowing players to add beloved characters Eren, Mikasa, and Levi from the smash-hit dark fantasy anime to their team. @crunchyroll #AoT #AttackOnTitan @AttackOnTitan #animegames #anime @playCRgames @BloodlineMobile