A devoted anime fan since the young age of 7 and the first time Goku yelled, "Kamehameha," I was hooked. While moving forward to the world of animes and mangas. The weekends turning into binge days and nights of many animes that I could have until my dreams began to turn into anime. The very obsession for One Piece started and became my life, however, I would never deny my many other favorite animes that span from InuYasha to My Hero Academia. You may follow my obsession of anime on my twitter @mimilyzeth

Demon Slayer: Chapter 184: Leaving the Warfront

Demon Slayer: Chapter 184

Demon Slayer 184: SPOILERS AHEAD! We are coming to a close with the battle of Muzan, but death has taken a toll on the many Demon Slayers that have fought against him. Yet, there are still an hour and half-left until the sunrises and the fight to end the epidemic of demons that have taken many lives. But, will this end with death and failure or will this end with triumph?


Demon Slayer: Chapter 179: We Say Goodbye

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Chapter 179

Upper Demon Moon One has finally been killed, but with the aftermath of the battle. We must say goodbye to two of our beloved characters as they both confront the past that they have left behind. The battle with Muzan is coming closer as the Hashira and the Demon Slayer Corps are closing in. What we see now is the bloodbath and the tears of both demons and humans.