I'm a proud geek. I'm a long time X-Men fan with well over 5000 comics. I've been reading comics since I was 13 (many many moons ago) after my friend got me hooked on the X-Men. My weekly pull list (helping to keep my local comic store in business) includes X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Weapon X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Old Man Logan, Astonishing X-Men, Justice League, Dark Nights Metal, Flash, and First Strike. When I'm not reading them, I'm trying to get my kids interested in comics, but no luck so far. I also play video games, watch movies, do yard work (although that's more of a necessity than a hobby) I love my kids, comics, X-Men, and politics (ugh), but if you read my blogs, please leave comments, thoughts, suggestions. I'm a firm believer of the thought that there is always room for improvement.