I'm a proud geek. I'm a long time X-Men fan with well over 5000 comics. I've been reading comics since I was 13 (many many moons ago) after my friend got me hooked on the X-Men. My weekly pull list (helping to keep my local comic store in business) includes X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Weapon X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Old Man Logan, Astonishing X-Men, Justice League, Dark Nights Metal, Flash, and First Strike. When I'm not reading them, I'm trying to get my kids interested in comics, but no luck so far. I also play video games, watch movies, do yard work (although that's more of a necessity than a hobby) I love my kids, comics, X-Men, and politics (ugh), but if you read my blogs, please leave comments, thoughts, suggestions. I'm a firm believer of the thought that there is always room for improvement.

REVIEW:  Justice League #41  (To Help or Not to Help)

JUSTICE LOST, PART 3:  The Watchtower is destroyed and as the League works to salvage it, they are trapped between numerous African nations who all want the technology housed within.  To make matters worse, some just want to kill the refugees.  Can the League defend their Watchtower and the refugees while remaining true to their charter?  Probably not.