REVIEW: Cable #154 (A Wrinkle in Time)

NEWER MUTANTS, PART 4:  Cable and his crew must team up with Selene and Blink to defeat Gideon.  But with the powers of almost all the Externals and the knowledge of thousands of years, Gideon may easily outmatch this ragtag bunch.

REVIEW:  Weapon X #14  (Independence Day)

NUKE-CLEAR WAR:  With their backs against the wall, Weapon X only has one hope to defeat Nuke and his soldiers:  to take the same pills.  But those pills don’t just make you stronger, they make you crazy too.  Can Weapon X survive the means of their escape?

REVIEW: Justice League #37 (Fan Service)

THE PEOPLE VS JUSTICE LEAGUE, PART 4:  With Simon missing, the League must track him down and save him from a deranged fan.  But how can they do that and improve their image in the eyes of the people when this fan seems to know every move they make?

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