Total geek from Aliens to X-Men. From early on I've been a huge fan of writers such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and Dean Koontz, also other horror and sci-fi authors. Started reading and collecting comics in my 20's and began with Excalibur and swiftly followed with all things X-Men. This branched out into movie and tv led comics as well as several indie titles.

ADVANCE COMIC PRE-RELEASE REVIEW SPOILER ALERT: Terminator: Sector War #1 (Bright Lights, Big City)

It’s 1984 and a T-800 has arrived and this one is taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Rookie cop Lucy Castro is already having a bad day as news reaches her that her deadbeat boyfriend has caused a domestic disturbance at her home and when has to contend with a visit from a model 101 Terminator series 800, who has her firmly set in his crosshairs and targeted for termination.


COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Mr & Mrs X #1 (Something Borrowed, Something…)

LOVE & MARRIAGE PART 1! Welcome to Remy Etienne and Anna Marie LeBeau’s first day of marriage. From the start this couple have faced all kinds of drama, including Remy’s then wife Belladonna, the Antarctic incident and even more recently a couples retreat. But can they overcome an entire galaxy in jeopardy and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard interrupting their honeymoon? Gasp in wonder as you witness the tantalizing tale of a modern marriage…X-MEN STYLE!