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The Hate Machine and Avoiding Personal Responsibility

Tom Taylor and an array of visual artists’ X-Men Red has generated more than a few discussions and op-eds about viral ideas, terrorism, indoctrination, media saturation, bigotry, and fault. Most of them, most of us, want to see the threat as someone else, some other evil or manipulated person, but as Gabby puts it, even if someone made it that way, “The sentinels are us.”


Our Trip Through Beautiful: A Girl’s Trip Through the Looking Glass

Turning on the question of what you can do to be more beautiful, more exciting, alluring, cool or attractive, my favorite thing about Marie D’Abreo’s Beautiful, might be how much it talks up to its audience, be that the child audience or the adult, and how easily you can, then, find reviews from adults, mostly parents, who lament the book was not preachier, did not have the ultimate answers to the ultimate questions, and that it did not dictate a lifestyle to their daughters.?