Comics taught this 7-year-old kid how to read when nothing else worked. Since then I have been hooked and lucky enough to read some of the most incredible stories since the 80's as well as developing a passion for anime. After moving past my initial skepticism of writing comic book reviews I discovered there's nothing better than getting the word out to other readers about the real deal and the best books on the shelves. I decided to take it a step further and joined numerous other writers to form Comic Watch, an organization made up of 100% volunteer writers with a specific focus on providing honest news and thought compelling reviews of comic books, television, movies, anime, and more, dedicated to our Age of Comics and Entertainment social media network of groups. Thank you so much for your support! It means EVERYTHING!

COMIC WATCH EXCLUSIVE: Scout Comics Takes Aim At Being the Next Big Contender in the Comic Book Market

2018 has already seen its fair share of massive shakeups within the comic industry. With Marvel all but assured to acquire Fox properties and days after the announcement of the acquisition Valiant’s controlling share by DMZ Entertainment, it seems as though 2018 will be a year of major industry change. The same holds true for Scout Comics.