A comic book enthusiast who is still living in the Bronze Age of Marvel and not willing to budge, Wally serves as an editor helping numerous small press publishing imprints. He maintains his own blog at http://www.paintmonkslibrary.com where he writes about comics, focusing on the fantasy and superhero genres. Blogging and reading graphic novels are his relaxing pastimes, as Wally spends the bulk of his day living his life vocation as a consecrated religious in the Roman Catholic Church.

SUNDAY CLASSICS: From Dystopia to Dinosaurs, the Future Meets the Past in Epic’s Dreadlands

Dreadlands #1-4

It’s man meets dinosaur in this tale of an eco-damaged future! A secret United Nations installation has learned to harness the power of ball lighting to create a time machine. But when the base is overrun, and the machine malfunctions, how can the survivors last in 150,000,000 BC? Join us this Sunday morning for a look into Epic’s classic “Dreadlands”!


REVIEW: Moon Knight #192 – “Crazy Runs in the Family – Part 5”

The Sun King, with the help of new villain Truth and Moon Knight’s nemesis Bushman, have kidnapped Spector’s former girlfriend Marlene. With no other choice in sight, Marc Spector heads off to the Sun King’s hideaway – a tropical island paradise! But there’s more than meets the eye in this issue and nothing is as it seems. It would appear the tropics are going to be no vacation for the Fist of Khonshu!