FIRST WATCH: Reach Out & Touch Faith with Godshaper

Fan of alternate history stories?  This week's, Godshaper, get's a softcover collection.  Godshaper , by Simon Spurrier and Jonas Goonface, introduces a world where the laws of physics stopped working in 1958, and everyone woke up one day with their own personal companion god.

First Watch: Read All Abbott It!

BOOM! Studios is excited to announce Abbott, a new, original comic book series launching in this week from Hugo Award-nominated writer Saladin Ahmed (lack Bolt) and artist Sami Kivelä (Beautiful Canvas) about a female journalist of color in 1970s Detroit named Elena Abbott who investigates a series of grisly crimes the police have ignored, crimes she recognizes to be the work of a dark magical force, the same force that murdered her husband 10 years ago.

FIRST WATCH: Boom! Studios Celebrates 25 Years of WWE Raw

Do you smell what Boom Studios is cookin’? The Superstars of WWE are the undisputable champions inside the square circle and in the panels of Boom Studio comic books. These men and women of WWE stardom are essential superheroes! Some dawn masks to conceal their identities, others wear ostentatious costumes, they find themselves protecting their gold from their villainous counterparts, and these gladiators of our time always keep a catchphrase in their back pocket.

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