REVIEW: Green Lanterns #40 (Caught in a Caper, or Lanterns’ Swipe Left!)

The Green lanterns have just returned to Earth from a short time on the Planet Ungara. Simon has been living in the Green Lantern barracks and has had a hook up with a Woman Hero Named Night Pilot. They met using an App called Caper (Think of a Tinder just for Super heroes, with secret identities). After striking out against Liseth on Ungara, Simon and Jessica return home to check on things on the Planet Earth.

REVIEW: Supergirl #18 (Plain Sight – Finale)

The Evolutionist – the latest in a line of new alien supervillains that Supergirl has faced in this arc – has crashed Kara Danvers’ prom, looking to purge the world of Supergirl, and thereby the planet of her supposedly toxic presence. Supergirl, as always, saves the day (if not the prom) and finally makes an argument for herself against the DEO.

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