TBT REVIEW: Batman and Robin #18 (2013 – Undone)

It's been said that silence is louder than words. In Batman and Robin #18, writer Peter J. Tomasi immerses the bereaved Bruce Wayne in a grief that is heartbreakingly silent. It is in this silence that we see the huge chasm left in Batman's life following the death of his son.

REVIEW: Justice League of America #25 (Dreams and Angor!)

Lord Havok was the DCU's answer to Dr. Doom. He and his cast of followers were basically otherworld copies of Marvel Heroes and Villains that were made into DC Characters, most notably Lord Havok. He enacted his various plans by manipulating a powerful being called the Dreamslayer. Pay attention because this may be important later. The League has successfully survived the Queen Tsarita ( The Might beyond the Mirror) and now returns to their status Quo, yet they are in need of new Headquarters, as Mount Justice has been destroyed. The Team is bringing together Scientists to help, and The Ray Appears and introduces the League to Aztek.

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