COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Descender #30 (Man or Machine?)

Tim-21 is needed for the UGC’s ultimate weapon. The Hardwire has infiltrated every known human settlement in the UGC and started their uprising. Tim-21 has a choice to make: go back to the Descenders, or help stop the machine uprising and help humankind to a better path.

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Mage the Hero Denied #8 (My Father the Hero!)

In the last few pages of the last issue we find that Hugo has been taken by a Bus of Red Caps, while the House has been destroyed, without Magda or Miranda in sight. An enraged Kevin fights a Howler Ogre upon the wreckage of his house, to hopefully uncover his family safe and sound. We open in the lair of the Grackelthorns. Magda is regaining conciseness on the floor as the last thing that she remembers was the Incubus or Vampire that took her blood from the Charity dinner at the kids school. The thorns tell her that she is in the home of the Umbra Sprite, and that she will not be harmed.

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