FIRST WATCH: Get an Early Look at Shadowman #5

Entering the time of the Civil War, Jack comes face to Skeleton Face with his great Great /Grand father Marius Boniface, he first to bear the Shadowmn curse. An intriguing tale of the past and family in an attempt to use the shadows to aid slaves escaping to the North. Don't miss this exciting issue of Shadowman with Variant Covers By David Mack and Doug Braithwaite!

REVIEW:Bloodshot Salvation #8 (Blind Determination)

A Brief scene as Magic is upset that Ninjak held her back when she tried to follow Ray and Jessie into the Deadside. But Ray is blind and he is in trouble. He has a rather large gun, but the only eyes that he has are the Blood Hound's. Overwhelmed by the horde, Ray and The Hound make their final stand as Ray unsheathes the Sword he took from Ninjak. He takes many a Demon's head, but it's inevitable as they swarm him. Victory looks bleak.

REVIEW:Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #2 Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

So remember last issue when Ninjak was blackmailed by Roku who has Nigel's Wife and daughter held captive? Well he was forced to break into his own headquarters and steal an item of great importance, Asset #147 (We learn what it's called in this issue). Now on the run from his Unity Team pursuers: Bloodshot, XO Manwar, The Eternal Warrior and Livewire, Colin must get the prize to Roku before she does unspeakable things to Nigel's Wife and Daughter, and he is being tracked by an injection of Nanites that Roku placed in him to keep him under her control. No Pressure Colin! In a brief moment of Reprieve, Colin opens the Asset to see just what was so important. It appears to be a book.


FIRST WATCH: Valiant is proud to announce the HARBINGER WARS COMPENDIUM – A MASSIVE, 750+ PAGE COLLECTION representing the march toward the original groundbreaking crossover event that collided the opposing factions of the Valiant Universe together for the very first time in an extra-sized, softcover format! Revisit Valiant’s First Landmark Crossover in Complete Chronological Order!

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