PREVIEW: Bloodshot Salvation #7 (Shot in the Dark!)

Bloodshot and Jessie are all alone in a strange landscape, with no help. They are scared and unsure of their surroundings, the twist you ask? Ray has been blinded! He spends the entire issue in the dark. Can he Lead his daughter to safety? Do not miss this revolutionary issue of Bloodshot Salvation! You will never see anything like it. 


Valiant is proud to present your first look inside NINJA-K #6 – the FIRST ISSUE of “THE COALITION,” AN ALL-NEW ARC and SENSES-SHATTERING JUMPING-ON POINT from acclaimed writer Christos Gage and incendiary artist Juan José Ryp! On April 11th, as MI6 plunges toward the precipice of an international crisis, it's down to master super-spy Colin King to assemble a seasoned team of specialists from across the Valiant Universe to counter an all-new threat comprised of Valiant's hardest-to-kill villains! 

FIRST WATCH: HW2 is Coming!

Valiant is proud to unveil the complete battle plan for HARBINGER WARS 2 – A SEISMIC, SIX-PART EVENT uniting New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and superstar artist Tomás Giorello with Academy Award nominee Eric Heisserer and visionary artists Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín for an epic conflagration at the epicenter of the Valiant Universe in May!


Valiant is proud to announce that VALIANT HIGH #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of AN UPROARIOUS ALL-AGES ESCAPADE from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (QUANTUM AND WOODY!) and Eisner Award-winning artist Derek Charm (Jughead, Star Wars Adventures) – is coming to comic shops everywhere just in time for summer vacation!  


Valiant is proud to present X-O MANOWAR  #15 – “BARBARIANS,” an ALL-NEW ARC and FEROCIOUS NEW JUMPING-ON POINT from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (HARBINGER WARS 2, Mind MGMT) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine(DIVINITY)!  Prepare to witness the landmark episode that forged the heir to the Visigoth nation into the world-smashing, interstellar champion now known as X-O Manowar!

FIRST WATCH: ComicPro 2018, Don’t Miss the Voodoo Doughnuts!

Valiant Entertainment is proud to announce a new collaboration with the world-famous Voodoo Doughnut in honor of Shadowman – Valiant’s voodoo-powered hero, returning to comic shops worldwide on March 28th in Shadowman #1 – that will be made available exclusively to retailers attending the ComicsPRO 2018 Annual Membership Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

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