EPISODE REVIEW: The Flash S4 EP18 ‘Lose Yourself’

Team Flash runs in way over their heads; a way into the Thinker's lair? You bet. But, what will happen when they take this chance to exploit their enemy? Will Barry take advantage of this knowledge? Or, maybe a more important question...why is Harry being weird, and will Joe investigate instead of actually going out and doing real police work? Yes...yes, and yes!

EPISODE REVIEW: The Flash, S4 EP17 ‘Null and Annoyed’

This week on the Flash, one of the final three bus metas makes herself known, and Team Flash is on it. Though, with ridiculous sub-plots and cringe-worthy acting, humor, etc. this episode, though full of laughs and kicks, falls short below the previous. The Flash rises to the occasion in this episode, but will the show fall short from here on out?

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