Broken World #1: Who Lives and Who Dies?

Broken World #1

For those looking for a heartfelt take on apocalyptic comics, Broken World #1 (Barbiere, Peterson, Louise, Dukeshire) brings all the emotion you could want with powerful character-driven drama. It’s dynamic, packs plenty of twists and turns, and leaves with a cliffhanger that will force you right into the next issue no questions asked.


b.b. free #3: The Strength Of Owning Your Own Story

b.b. free #3

b.b. free #3 (Rivera, Dunlap, Quigley, Campbell) handles every issue more like a love & care letter to oppressed kids, like a story of finding your own strength and owning it. It gives us some of the most important moments in representation, and the art moves emotionally with the story. It’s a captivating, fun and fantastical read that I feel is important we look up to, both readers and creators.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13: When Buffy Isn’t About Buffy Anymore

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13 (Bellaire, Valero-O’Connell) continues to be distinctly out of focus and a meandering mess, leaving its lead character out of its pages for the sixth issue in a row. Instead of introducing the new post-Hellmouth status quo, it instead chooses to focus on Kendra to no appreciable gain. Fans would not be wrong for dropping this book from their pull sheet at this point.